Meet Our Managing Consultant, Joyce Azumah

After acquiring a degree and gathering relevant experience and skills whilst working at various institutions and industry sectors, Joyce decided to fulfil her passion of becoming a successful serial entrepreneur.

However, the difficulties and frustrations in building a start-up and growing it to desired profits in an emerging economy proved to be a huge hurdle to overcome. Having gone through the challenges of starting and growing a profitable business venture, she decided to design structures and solutions to help her overcome the struggles.

Now, she is passionate about helping visionaries like her realize their entrepreneurial dreams and potential by sharing her brilliant solutions and strategies and partnering with them on their journey. She intends to help businesses maintain focus and resilience in achieving business goals.

Finance and Accounting Lead

Edmond has eight (8) years of accounting and finance experience working with businesses at various stages of growth. His role includes setting up and structuring clients’ accounting and financial systems to make recording accounts more accessible and efficient while tracking all company financial transactions. He also offers advice on business and project financing options and the efficient management of business financial resources. He is an expert in preparing all periodic final accounts for all kinds of businesses for tax and audit purposes.

Joshua is the lead expert in designing strategy and content for growth for our client’s businesses and is well-versed in creating roadmaps for client business success. He also has expertise in creating customized pitch decks, templates and models with professional and bright dashboards.