Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

Did you know that there are several statutory and regulatory compliance requirements for companies from tax filings to various registrations? Hire us to take care of all your statutory and regulatory needs while you focus on running your business. Our compliance services include business registration, filing of annual tax returns with the office of the Registrar General and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and filing of SSNIT contributions.

Business Registration

Formalize and position your business for opportunities by registering with the Registrar General’s Department. Consult with and hire us to determine the best business structure needed for your business and receive information on all procedures and documents needed to complete your registration in the shortest possible time.

Filing of Annual Company Tax Returns with the Registrar General’s Department and Ghana Revenue Authority.

We will file all your annual tax returns and renew your sole proprietorship registration according to current government regulations to keep your company in compliance with recent changes. Speak with our compliance officer now.

Filing of SSNIT Contributions

Comply with the new 3-tier SSNIT Scheme and make regular contributions to the fund by outsourcing our services. We will assist you to pay your contributions regularly without default and save you the time and effort needed to undertake this monthly obligation.