Customized Financial Models

We provide entrepreneurs and busi

Hire a consultant (provide link to hiring form) to guide you to build financial models based on your specific business industry and specific growth stage.

What are financial models?

A financial model is an abstract representation of the finances of a company’s past, present and forecasted future. It is the numerical expression of your company’s goals; how many current and future customers you’ll have, how many people to hire for the business, how the business margins will improve over time. The creation of a financial model includes the use of key metrics and assumptions that will be used to test the business as the business plan is being executed.

Our customized financial models combine different types of financial models to provide accurate business valuations and forecasts for your management and investors’ decision making.

nesses with the useful information they need to fine tune their business ideas, develop their business plans and business models and help them kick-start or expand their businesses to profitability.

Our business advisory service includes business planning and entrepreneurial development, business registration and general business support to our clients.

Why you need a Financial Model

Financial models are used to raise capital in different fund-raising rounds depending on the business’ growth stage, increase cash flow, improve business operations, plan projects and to make management decisions.

They demonstrate to investors the founders’ knowledge about the business cost drivers using the depth of the assumptions and metrics.

For startups, these projections will help you to determine how many customers to have, how many and when employees are needed, the overall cash flow required to sustain the business until profitability and how much capital needs to be injected.